About IAI

openEASE is operated by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI). The IAI is headed by Michael Beetz and investigates AI-based control methods for robotic agents, with a focus on human-scale everyday manipulation tasks.The common research theme at IAI is cognition-enabled mobile manipulation, with a particular emphasis on bridging the gap between AI and robotics control in the context of integrated robot systems. To this end, IAI researches knowledge-enabled robot perception, knowledge representation and reasoning for robots, Bayesian cognitive robotics, plan-based control of robotic agents, and the tight integration of these component technologies. IAI has a proven record of successfully demonstrating their research results in the context of complete robotic systems performing household chore tasks such as simple meal preparation, conducting chemical experiments, and human-robot rescue teams. The IAI group provides most of its results as open-source software, primarily in the ROS software library. For their research activities and the dissemination thereof as open-source software, the group has won an iCub and a PR2 robot.