KnowRob webpage is released

We are pleased to announced that KnowRob webpage is updated according to latest changes in KnowRob 2.0. KnowRob is a knowledge processing system that combines knowledge representation and reasoning methods with techniques for acquiring knowledge and for grounding the knowledge in a physical system and can serve as a common semantic framework for integrating information from different sources. KnowRob combines static encyclopedic knowledge, common-sense knowledge, task descriptions, environment models, object information and information about observed actions that has been acquired from various sources (manually axiomatized, derived from observations, or imported from the web).

KnowRob 2.0 Architecture

KnowRob is developed within CRC EASE by the team from Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI), led by Prof. Michael Beetz at the University of Bremen. Please refer to the following webpage for latest news related to KnowRob.