NEEM Handbook is released

The “NEEM Handbook”, describes the EASE system for episodic memories of everyday activities. It is thought to provide EASE researchers with compact but still comprehensive information about what information is contained in NEEMs , how it is represented, acquired, curated and published.

Narrative Enabled Episodic Memories

When somebody talks about the deciding goal in the last soccer world championship many of us can “replay” the episode in our “mind’s eye”. Those episodic memories can be seen as abstract descriptions that allow us to recall detailed pieces of information from any experienced activity. Having those detailed memories, we can use them to learn general knowledge or map similar memories to unknown situations, so we know how to behave in the given situation.

EASE integrates episodic memories deeply into the knowledge acquisition, representation, and processing system. For every activity the agent performs, observes, prospects and reads about, it creates an episode and stores it in its memory. An episode is best understood as a video recording that the agent makes of the ongoing activity. In addition, those videos are enriched with a very detailed story about the actions, motions, their purposes, effects and the agent’s sensor information during the activity.